Copper Forming Classes – 2013

Class Schedule: April 20, 2013   *   July 20, 2013   *   October 19, 2013

Class Price: $350

Class Level: Beginner to Medium experience

David Burns, owner and artist in chief at Copper Gardens says, "Copper forming is a passion that I want others to enjoy". "The goal", he continues, "is to blend my experience with the knowledge and enthusiasm of all who also find it fascinating and rewarding".   Although each may have a different reason for studying and forming copper, one passion unites all, a burning desire to work with this wonderful material.  The noble red metal is warm, malleable and will conform to our will once you learn the techniques necessary to bring it to "life".

In each class, a student, no matter their background, will leave at the end of the day, with a finished project. One they can be proud of.  It must be a modest piece but it will embody fundamentals that will be needed for all future and more complex projects.

Optionally, if you wish to have a one-on-one day with David, the cost is $450 and the intensity level pegs the needle.

Multi-day sessions are also available on request.  Terms and arrangements are worked out to suit.

Weekday classes are possible for those seeking a special one on one learning experience, let us know if that suits you.

Questions about our classes happily answered.  Use the “contact us” page on this site or call direct.  Tell us about your interests and goals and we will make every effort to make your class visit a pleasure you will never forget.